10 MUST Have VS Code Extensions for Web Developer

10 MUST Have VS Code Extensions for Web Developer

Popular extensions for JavaScript developers using Visual Studio Code

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When working in visual studio code there are certain extensions that can make life easier and can make you complete a task in a short period of time. Welcome to 10 visual studio code extensions that simply make your life way easier.

  1. Live Server

This is by far one of the most important extensions especially when you are just getting started with web development. It simply allows making it possible when you save your HTML file it automatically refreshes in the browser.

2.Debugger for Chrome

This one is also very useful because allows you to debug JavaScript in the Chrome browser.


This one has saved a lot of time. It formats and arranges your code properly so you do not have to do it manually with spaces and tabs.

4.Path IntelliSense

We all know that remembering file names can all be challenging well not anymore, this extension autocompletes file names for you as you type, saving you time and effort.

5.Auto Rename Tag

There are sometimes when you mistakenly a wrong HTML tag and you want to change it, you will have to rename both tags but with this extension, you rename the opening tag and it automatically renames the closing one. It feels so nice!

6.CodeSnap: This extension allows you to snapshots of your code in case you might want to send them to others for debugging or something else.

7. GitLens: This extension makes you more efficient when working git and it is literally called git supercharged.

8.React/svelte/vue/angular: You are going to need to download an extension for the framework you use, whether that being React, svelte, etc because it will massively make your life easier!

9.IntelliSense for CSS class names: This extension provides autocomplete suggestions for class names in your CSS, saving you time and effort.

10.npm: This extension Integrates with the npm package manager, allowing you to install and manage packages directly from Visual Studio Code.


  1. Console Ninja: It allows see console.logs in visual studio code, you will definitely find the one useful if you are a javascript developer!